Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Red Rug is MINE

See this? I know you do, because you are HERE! Sorry, no pics of me today.
This is the most popular spot in our house.

Our Kitchen has 18 of these sqaure tiles one way and 12 the other. 
So Mama wants to know why All Three of Us try to fit in the 3 tiles by 3 tiles ( nine sqaure feet if you most know) at the same time. 
the stove is to the left, sink is to the right.
Red Rugs are MINE! I claimed them when I moved in with them.

See what I mean?
Mama wants to get to the sink, she can't
Daddy wants to get to the stove, he can't.
I want them to give me whatever they are making, they can't.
If Mama needs the sink, I sit on that rug.
If she needs the stove I sit on that rug.
Are you picking up what I am putting down.

The question is, why do humans want a BIGGER kitchen? They only use NINE TILES
This happens all over the house, 1350 square feet of living space and all of us always try to be in the same place.
If I lay on the floor, they want to BE right where I am laying.
Mama stepped on my back getting off the bed in the dark. 
She said what are you doing there? 
I said The Whole House belongs to The Dog.
Right? and don't you think she could have drawn me a little better? she SAYS she was using her finger on the phone screen. Do you believe her?


Ginny Hartzler said...

The drawing is adorable! Wow, I never thought of this! But it is true, we always want to be in the same place in the kitchen! So a bigger kitchen would not help! Maybe a second sink on an island, though...

easyweimaraner said...

we understand that completely... and red carpets are always for the celebrities aka the pups

Yamini MacLean said...

hari OM
You make a very fine argument for a 'scullery' kitchen, the rest to be for sleeping dogs lying!!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

Ann said...

But of course I believe your momma, she wouldn't lie to us. On the other hand she did fib about the cherry juice on her other blog...lol
It's funny how that works with people always wanting in the same spot. We're just an odd bunch Big Boy

Zoolatry said...

We once did a blog post about "propinquity" and think that may be what is going on here ...

My Mind's Eye said...

Put you paw down BB I'm pretty sure mom would give in....she loves you
She would probably even change her route. BOL
I hope Dad is feeling better
Hugs Cecilia

Rose said...

I am sitting here with tears streaming from laughing so hard...thank you.

Brian's Home Blog said...

That's somewhat the same here except for the red rugs!

Mevely317 said...

Again, the similarities between your layout and ours AND the dogs are almost scary. Working side-by-side with Tom and constantly worrying about stepping on a little girl is just ugh. I've even thought we don't need a stove, just a second microwave.

PS - Once upon a time I accidentally stepped on Tom's black lab in the middle of the night and paid the price: 1st trip (of 3) to the ER.

Sandee said...

Yes I believe your mom. She wouldn't lie. She draws way better than I do. If you love each other then you want to be together all the time. I'd say you all love each other and that's a good thing.

Have a fabulous day and I linked this post to Happy Tuesday. ♥

eileeninmd said...

I understand BB, you claimed your space. It's not like you are laying down on your human's feet. They can move around you! Enjoy your day!

My Tata's Cottage said...

Leo our 98 lb. baby boy does the same thing. Dogs rule in your house too. HaHaHa! You have to move quickly though. The drawing is great! Thanks for sharing.

Inger said...

Faith is in full agreement with you BB. Samson was on the floor by my bed right now. She came in and somehow moved him out of the room. I was busy reading what you had to say, so I don't know how she did it, but Samson, the bigger dog, has left the room.

Samson says: You're lucky BB to be the only dog in the house, I was here first, I'm the bigger dog, I'm the oldest and I get no RESPECT from the younger, smaller upstart. There used to be a people word: whippersnapper. It comes to mind though I, being a dog, don't quite understand what it means.

Rose said...

Back here at the end of the day, laughing myself silly. The way our living room is arranged there is approximate 20 inches to fit through between my chair and the couch and Bubbie always wants to lay in that space!

lexitheschnauzer said...

Lucy: Mom stepped on my foot in the kitchen today. I don't know what that has to do with your post, just wanted to tell you, BB. At least no one steps on you, I hope. Lucy