Angel Big Boy

Big Boy, in our lives 2 years 8 days, Oct 1, 2018 -Oct 9, 2020 age 7 years. Taken 
from us by Congestive Heart Failure

Big Boy had a name change from Gary to Big Boy, the day after we adopted him.

Day one in his very own yard. He appeared to not know what to do when let loose in a yard.

Click HERE to see my photos from the shelter I lived in.. I look so much better in my new home

Warning, photo overload. I am  storing the photos of Big Boy's First Day.

To get out of the house, Bob and I went hiking in the park every day. I have hundreds of photos taken in a week of walking to stay out of the empty house. On Sunday we visited Honor Rescue, many dogs but none we could agree on.
 Monday Oct 1, Bob's 82 birthday, we hiked from 7:30 am to almost 9. Drove to Bishop Animal Shelter and to my dismay this SPCA shelter was a horror, I will say no more.
We left to go to the humane society and almost there I asked my phone the hours for the shelter. CLOSED until Tuesday 8 am

I started for home and bob said lets go to the County Animal control. I said do you remember 16 years ago we visited there and I cried all the way home and the rest of the day? He said what else do we have to do, sit and stare at the empty house.

We stopped for a potty break, Surprise, and I asked my phone for directions to Manatee County Animal Control.
Much to our surprise, the phone said, you are 6 minutes from your destination, turn left, and make first left. As I drove she continued to tell us when to turn and I did not even know the phone would do  that.

She said you have arrived at your destination on Animal control road. We Were Shocked! Did not even recounize it, Beautiful grounds and exercise parks, clean and smelling good in the adoption office. they sent us to follow colored lines and we walked through hundreds of barking dogs, we loved them all.  BUT finding one to agree on. I was thinking beagle, he was thinking pit bull, I wanted small to medium, he want up to 50 pounds..

We were about to leave, when I asked a man to see the PRIORTY dogs that photos were on the hall walls. He sent us to the adoption controller who was cleaning a kennel.

She said what is your level of control of dogs? I said WHAT? she said prioty dogs are aggressive with other dogs. NO! I said not for us.  She said come outside and tell me what you are looking for.

I said...We would like to save a black dog, between the ages of 3 and 6 and we want a dog that is mild tempered, easy to handle, non aggressive, and that we both feel a connection when we see him/her. I want 30 to 40 pounds he wants 50, I want beagle, he wants pit.

She said I have that dog in my office, Come meet Gary.... When she unlocked her office there sat a 67 pound panther. He stared into our eyes, and came and leaned on us and I said he is BIG. She said do you want to go in the yard with him. Yes. We did.

She let him off leash, and I sat on the bench and called him and he came and climbed in my lap. She said OH no Gary, now what have you done. Bob said He has stolen her heart and mine. 15 minuets later we drove off with Gary in the car, now named Big Boy. While we were adopting him, the lady said today is Natl Black dog week and black dogs are half price. woo hoo.. and the other half bought him a new bed. woo hooo

He is our miracle dog. We almost came home, if we had not asked about the other dogs, we would not have met her and never seen him because he was in the office.

Mama says she thinks my DNA might have a little black panther in the mix, but the records said I am lab retriever and boxer mix. She also said she doesn't care what mix I am. My eyes are golden glowy in sunlight and brown in the dark. She also says I disappear when I close my eyes and it is hard to take pictures of a black dog. She gets upset when she sees my beautiful fur with the scars.

They feed me well, but sometimes there is a lot of clicking noises and it is not me making them


Zoolatry said...

I am in love with your 67-pound panther ... and thrilled you found one another!

DeniseinVA said...

I love this story of when you were adopted BB. Mommy and Daddy love you to bits. Big Boy, beautiful boy :)

Karen said...

Ugh, I just caught up, so sad to hear of his passing - but what a lucky dog to live out his days in your loving home. You have my condolences (late, I'm sorry)