Angel Baby Girl

Rest in peace Sweet Baby Girl 2001-2015
 14 yrs 6 months old, Sadly missed by Daddy, Mommy and Jake

 Baby is 10 years old, we have had her since we rescued her from Telisis Rescue Feb 2002. She was 10 months when we got her and had been badly abused.

 She is part hound and part whatever

        Jake is 7                                                                                           Baby Girl is 10


Anonymous said...

Well, Baby Girl you are beautiful no matter what you are made up of. Love your eyes. Hugs and nose kisses

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Oh yeah - that face of Baby's is definitely a Hound face as is that look she gives you - same look I see in the Beaglebratz sometimes.
Mom Kim

Ann said...

Baby girl had such a sweet face. She was a lucky girl too have had such a wonderful life with you and Bob. You'd never know from these pictures that she had been abused before she came to live with you.