Friday, February 26, 2021

Under The Bee Tree!


Where is Da Dog?

Can you see me now?

I love the space under the bee tree.. I feel like SHE can't see me.
What do you think?

Ya Cant Get Much More Nature than a dog in a bee tree! Right?

Can YOU see me NOW?
Mama had this on autopost, so this is an update....


Mama here. the fence people came, we were ecstatic, soon there would be no falling down fence.
they took down 3 sections and said there is no way we can finish this today. we will have to come back tomorrow. MORE details will follow
The gist of it is, Beau doesn't pee or poop on leash and we can't let him free in the yard without the fence. For two whole days.

Who knows what will happen. you will know when we do.
Darn you Murphy, can't you stay away for a while?

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Three Seniors

Dog paw print remover, a towel with feet. No Problem

Daddy is a Senior Daddy.
Mama is a Senior Mama
I am a Senior Canine
I am BIGGER than Big and 
I drool and I slobber
The bigger the mouth the more the slobber.
Every where I sit, Every where I lay, I drool
this causes drool pools, or should I say pools of drools.
Bad for carpet, or so they say
We all go barefoot, when THEY step in a pool they say UCK!
I don't even notice when I step in one, but they do, because my 
feet make Paw Prints on carpet and floor.

In case you are wondering about the photo at the top, here is the answer.
After my ball game, I drink lots of water, half of which drips from my large mouth onto
the kitchen Floor.
I am Big, my Mouth is Big, I slobber. a LOT
I track in rainy slimy mud
Senior Humans Fall Down Easily.
Water on ceramic tile is SLICK
This is how mama handles the problem. She keeps a slobber rag  towel by the back door and uses her foot to mop up the slick floor, she says she is not so worried over dirty paw prints, but the danger to the seniors who live here.
The point is, I need these two seniors, who would feed me, walk me, hug me, and follow my commands?
Who would clean up the paw prints that mark the spot on the kitchen floor?  

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

X marks the SPOT


X marks the spot of a pawprint on kitchen floor

She loves me anyway and there were 10 of these, all the way across the floor from door to carpet and across the carpet... After she wiped my shovels paws
to be continued..........................

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

AM UPDATE! Good News!


See my three balls? they have been laying there since Noon on Saturday. I am ashamed to say I yelped each time I tried to pick one up. Today I picked one up at 8:30 am. I was scared to touch one because each time I tried it shocked me and I yelped. 
I touched it with my paw, no shock.
I touched it with my nose and jumped back. walked away and 
went back and picked it up. then I laid down and chewed on it like I always do.
Then I started to run in circles and BEG and BEG to do a ball game.  Daddy wanted to do a couple of soft throws. Mama YELLED at him to go outside.
He is cutting the grass now. I am laying on her feet while I dictate to her.
What did you say Mama? You want to talk? Go ahead.
This is what 70 hours of Rest and Baby Aspirin did.

Mama here trying to say a long story short

5 PM last evening, Beau dropped his ice chip on the floor and bent forward to get it and did not yelp!
The first sign he was healing.
Today he can bend forward and pick up what is on the floor!
I treated him with baby aspirin and total rest except for his morning walk. he slept for 3 days.
Answers to some of your questions.

We have 13 Vets under 3 miles from us and maybe 20 in 10 mile radius.
It was Monday, all pets get sick on week ends.
Our population is 368,000 and almost doubles in winter months from winter residents fleeing the cold and they bring their pets. During summer there would be no problem at any of the vets.
If it had been a true emergency, they would have taken him in in front of all the others.

We have 4 Pet ER and we went to two of them, 3 hour wait.

We were 99 percent sure it was the neck muscle, Saturday noon he did a tumble and roll catching the ball and after that could not bend his head. we knew it was fall related, and prayed it was a strain and not a pinched nerve.
I looked up natural muscle relaxers, and 2 were NSAIDS and REST, canine and humans.
When we started the baby asperin he no longer whimpered getting up and did all his normal things except the lean down to floor
We raised his food bowls from the height of 8 inches to 10 and he could eat and drink fine.
KB thanks for suggesting we leave it that way. we will.
The good news was he was so sick he did not want the orange thing or to play with it.
That ball is his life. Now that he feels better it will be hard to hold him down. 
PEE SSS   Beau sat in the car for an hour at the walkin closet like a person, watching what was going on. 
I took him this morning on my second walk with me because missing 5 ball games a day left him with not enough exercise. He was ecstatic. His first ever walk with Just Mama.
He was an angel
Last but not least.
THANK YOU EVERYONE OF YOU for all the love and hugs and suggestions and for CARING about Beau and his parents. We felt your love and still do.
love from Ball Brain and His Mama
I used my cell phone avatars and Beaus face in Pickmoney to make the above.. Reminder March 2nd we celebrate Doctor Seuss Birthday.. Put on you hats and get ready to post