Monday, May 17, 2021

Run, Beau, Run


I am on the way to my favorite place
Can you tell why by looking at my face?

This is my corner where I do my 'bidness',
for this photo, Mama asks your forgiveness .

When I am done,
You should see me run.
Anothe run bites the dust,
And I am all for run and run for all.
I can cut to the race,
I can race my own tail.
I can easily cut to the chase
I run really fast to the sliding glass door,
before SHE can make me stay out and do more.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Selfie Beaumont Style


Beau, Warhol Style

Andy Warhol had his Brillo Box, 

I have my Mama's Just In Case The Power Goes Out Packages of Instant Coffee. 

And Mama has PicMonkey..

She found these in the Pandemic Stash, and now they are in Hurricane Stash and 
I am in both.
All this stays in the newly organized Hurricane Stash, used to be Pandemic Stash Closet,
Just so you know, I do NOT stay in the closet..

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Caturday ART


Mama said she took lessons from some guy named Andy Warhol.

Mom has been busy working on the house, I was watching daddy work on the pool out in the heat, with me in the AC... 

Mama always has time for a text from Zoe..
Seems she is helping her mama make dinner.. 
Good Girl Zoe.. 
Pure Art to fit two on a small rug..

Friday, May 14, 2021

Cousin Zoe


You have met my Mama's Granddog Zoe, in prior Posts. She is now 7 months old and starting to look like a  mastiff. 
Mama says she is beautiful, but not MORE Beautiful that BEAU-tiful Beau.

She already weighs almost as much as me, and will be around 100 plus when grown.

Mama keeps singing a song, she says Jake and Big Boy and Me the Beau and now Zoe all had/have beautiful, beautiful brown eyes.

Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes,
Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes,
Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes,
I'll never love blue eyes again

Pups, oh Pups, I love you
Love you with all my heart,

PS, we love all color eyes on all dogs and cats.. Just so you know! 

Mama said she thinks Zoe is my niece. Not my cousin. Zoe is Dan child, Dan is mamas child and I am Mamas child. so what is she to me?

What think ye????