Thursday, December 8, 2022

Dec 8th Christmas Tree Day


Today is National Christmas Tree Day and this is our tree without its ornamentation.
Its only 18 inches high but perfect for Mamas Nook.

We have two trees, Charlie Brown Tree and the little tree with decorations.
This is the Nook

And this is me under the tree waiting for YOU KNOW WHO. the only trees I need are the kind you can, well, you know, PEE on

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Unique ME 1


On our Tuesday morning walk, I received Four Pets and  and  four Scritches and Conversation with FOUR Different Neighbors.

John Yelled HI BEAU! and came jogging over and scritches and ruffled and said How are you to Mama and Jogged off yelling Bye Beau!

I LOVE PEOPLE, I love cats, I love other dogs, which makes me Unique! Also Living with Santa is Really Unique

Monday, December 5, 2022

Not Unique ME

Da Phinney and Da Nelly, mentioned that they thought I might be waiting for the mailman when they saw me laying by the door in a prior post. I was waiting for mommy to open the door. 

You Guys are Right! I am not Unique about Mail Persons! If in the yard and I hear the mailbox Close, I race to the front barking like a Mad Dog. In the house I stand up at the window and Bellow Really Loud, REALLY LOUD! I sound Vicious! you know like a KILLER DOG. 

There is not a vicious bone in my body, and the Mail Person, not matter which one it is, male or female, old or young, I hate them all. 

Coming Soon to a blog near you. All my Unique Qualities, one each day

This dog who looks like some dog on another blog, is in free photos on PicMonkey, and is my Standin.

Since December is Cat Lovers Month and we love Cats, here you go, take that Mailman

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Guarding Garagedoor Guru


Daddy has been in the garage 87 hours every day, making Loud Noise.

This is the first time I have ever heard them, and I have been here 2 years.

Mama told me that is because Daddy is feeling better, and he is 
charging batteries and making the planes ROAR.
She said for me to not worry, he holds unto them so they can't fly away.
or Fly in the street and hit a car,
or Fly through the living room window and hit Mama and Me..

Once Mama opened the door and let Daddy tell me he was ok!

Is he done or not done, Sad is the question.

I know what he is doing, because I LIVE WITH MY VERY OWN SANTA
SEE what I mean?
He says he is playing with PLANES but I know he is in the workshop
planning Christmas for ME