Friday, December 8, 2023

Nature Friday


 Rosey, Mama put me in Scotty's Beam Me Up Thingy, I think its called a transporter,  and I am stuck 1/2 way to see you in your back yard..... 
I wanted to spend nature Friday in your yard and see the critters and the cactus and YOU...and Sunny too.
 I texted mama and told her to send you a lot of roses she created in AI because I am stuck halfway to New Mexico, I think I just passed Nobby in Scotland and da Phenny and da Nelly in France so I might be late and miss our date.

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Grinch lives at Home Depot

 Beau, I see the Grinch and he is taller than me.
Will he fit under the arch? let's go see.

I don't want to see a Grinch, so let's not pause,
Just find me the biggest of Big, Santa Claus.

Follow me, Santa you will see, no not me, the one by the tree. 

Today we are thankful, for Home Depot and all its Christmas Decor, 
thankful for the Mop Mama bought to clean the kitchen floor.

Joining Brians Home Thankful Thursday...

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Santa lives at Home depot


Hale Hale, the gangs all here. 
Santa came, but he's missing a reindeer.
Beau, He is 9 feet tall, taller than tall, taller than the Christmas tree,
All I know, Mama, this is the Santa and I want to see.

The reindeer looked like he was off the leash,
Oh Dear, Oh deer, Oh Sheesh!

Doesn't matter to us, it's off we go,
Its Christmas at the local Home Depot
I sniffed each one, trying to choose my mouse,
the one we needed to pull that sleigh to our house.

I am sorry Mama, I did not mean to pee,
that is just comes naturally to me. to be continued

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dan's Zoey and Bandit

Can you find Bandit? He matches his sister Zoey although she is a TAD larger than Bandit.

Watching the neighborhood out the front window, perched on the "protect the blinds" fence to the bay window

You Watch, Zoey! Beautiful Girl.