Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Ball Brain is my middle name


Mama took both of these photos, Wed after my 12 noon ball game. I was laying on the carpet after eating ice and drinking water. She used her camera, not her phone. 
Look at the different colors of me. The first photo I look gray, and the carpet looked awful, so she cut me out and put a wood floor under me because she wants one.
the other one is more like the color I am and the color of the carpet.
that carpet color is called 22 Year Old Rose Mauve Faded to Beige Mauve
I did not stick my tongue out at you, the temps in the back yard was 92 feels like 87 thousand.

I may not be on here every day, Mama is Dealing With Daddy getting a new KNEE! Don't get skeered, we are fine, just not a lot of time. 

Mama is afraid the virus might keep daddy from getting his surgery, the hospitals here are full of people and that could throw a monkey wrench in The Plan... it is still 10 days until the surgery but he is getting lots of tests, HE hopes it will stop it before the test, but they are do on Thursday and Friday. 

 I did NOT get my walk yesterday.

Thunder and Lightning and RAIN, I did manage to get 2 ball games in with daddy, in between the raindrops. 

i will not get my walk today.

we are under flood watch until this evening, we got an inch at 12:44 am and inch at 2:40 and now at 5:24 it is coming in again, this will continue in monsoon like torrents off and on all day... lets hope the doc visit will be during an OFF time
the blue dot directly in the center is US

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Singing In the Rain.


Sunday, 6:40 am, forecast, very light scattered showers
sun was up, without checking radar, Mama thought we had hours.
Exactly 12 minutes into our AM exercise,
we both got a really big surprise!
They sky opened, the bucket dumped over,
Soaking da mama and her Beau Rover.
We turned towards home, walking faster and faster,
It felt like a spray washer was set on blaster.
We stepped in the door
dripping all over the floor.
Dad looked away from the TV and said is it raining?
Mama had a look on her face like paining.
She dried me off first and then herself,
My harness was soaked, her wet hair made her look like an elf.
Her glasses were sprinkled, 
her clothes all wet and wrinkled.
As soon as we were both dried
She turned and sighed.
It seems Big Paws, make really big prints.
the thing is, before we went, they had cleaned the floors, all of which makes perfect sense.
Murphy's law always kicks in, 
Each time they clean, it rains and I bring it in,

The photo above was taken outside on the deck, 
it shows the size of my paws, what the heck.
She said use your imagination and change deck to floor,
and add more pawprints, until there is lots more.
It seems my prints are almost inches to 3
so what can they do, cause they love ME.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Cats-astropic NEWS!


TODAY  Comedy Legend, and Su-paw Star, Beau Beaumont, has a guest appearance at  Cats-astropic Events 

He is a great punster and also does a little Stand Up On Four legs Comedy.


Pop Over to  Cats-astropic Events and see what's happening!

I hear I am not the only guest, be sure you time travel on over to see if they are as funny as ME

You MIGHT find  purr-fectly silly cat puns, or a doggone funny animal joke or even a few jokes that will quack you up.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ussie Sunday


Two of me
Is what you see!
Two balls are mine,
If they get lost, I whine
The laughing Lady also belongs to me.
If you see her,  me too you will always see.
She took the photos to show her new glasses
she is waiting on her new lens in her old glasses and hopes the time quickly passes.

Due to fires in Canada, which burned up the internet, Cats-astropic Events was OFF line for a while.
they are BACK and since they could not post we had a birthday paryt for Marv hosted by Zoolatry.
Beau and I were at that party. Thanks for the badge Marv. So happy you are back.
Beau and I are happy to hear they are safe and the smoke is not as bad and the temps are a little cooler.