Monday, October 18, 2021

The Hole I love, the hole I dug,

I dug this hole, and it fits just right.
She took the photo then made sure I fit tight.
She tried to take it with me in the hole,
I had to tell her she is getting to bold.
I no longer like the camera aimed at me,
now she says she is mad at me.
I know she did not mean it, she loves me so,
She would not be taking photos if she did not, and this I KNOW!

Friday, October 15, 2021

The Great Adventure on Nature Friday


Mama has had a few bad adventures with past dogs and Mama raccoons. 
She always flips the flood lights on to Clear The Yard of Critters.
Daddy wanted the light off, he wanted to do the skinny dip in the dark. He said Well turn it off. She said we are watching something walking on the other side of the pool. She went out with flash light and found nothing. Flipped off the light and stepped out in the dark above.
I flew accross the yard, right where she saw movement, she was right behind me, daddy was splashing n the pool. I ran up and down the fence and over the the big tree, behind the tree, nose to the ground, suddenly I woofed one time and tried to climb the tree.
then i wandered behind the swing and mama followed, 
Come Beau, lets go in the house, I lifted my nose from sniffing a dead baby possum.
so what was the big deal.
She shut me in the house and aimed the flashlight at the dead possun and just as she suspected the baby was standing up starting at her with eyes shooting white beams

She yelled look daddy, its a baby, no bigger than a kitten. Isn't he cute? Look Daddy and there I was trapped in the house and could not look.

These photos are mamas recreations because she got no photos, to dark and no camera.

this is what he looks like, she found it on the internet. We don't know it it was a mama or another baby that went up our tree. Mama loves possums, do you?

Joining the fun for Nature Friday the fun with Rosey at LLB in my Backyard

What he looked like... from this source 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Birthday Party of the Century


Happy 8th Birthday Beau

Dear June Bug, and Ms Zoolatry now AKA Ms Boolatry, thank you for an early birthday card, sent to remind my brain fogged mama that I had a birthday coming up, and for the box of balls for me to chase and mama to play with.

Scenes From The Birthday Party of the Century for Beau's 8th Birthday

All My Blog Friends Showed up.
Mama decided to have a backyard party, because well, this many canines and felines in side our small house might not turn out well.

Xena told Lucy and Riley they could make a grand entrance if they flew the pirate ship into the middle of the back yard, and in the rush to get to the party totally forgot to bring Chia.

Tigger argued a donkey crossing the Atlantic Ocean topped a flying pirate ship, and then got miffed because Bertie wanted to Play Pin the Tail on Tiggers Donkey. 
Ruby sat on the Jack O Lantern to be the center of the party. Gracie and Macie brought their beds and refused to get up, while Gibbs said it would only be polite for one of them to get up and let him try it out.
The entertainment was provided by the Three Woos, Lighting, Timber and Misty and Da Phenny and da Nelly, as always trying to cause trouble, said their voices were not singing but howling. 
The Woos said they were WOOING in harmony, not singing or howling.
 Phod said, I agree they are  wooing and where is my sister, I want my sister.
 Mean while Brian, Simon, Seal and Dolly were prepared to be entertainment back up but could not come up with a name for their Quartet, and they could not sing if they had no name.
 Brian said feline harmony was better than canine  harmony and Mama had to intervene and say they could sing without  a name and that both groups could sing. 

Da Phinney and Da Nellie jumped in and said they could do a comedy routine, and just about then they all realized the other half of the guest were at the bar with Beau and there was not enough room for all of them.

, Beau had invited Samson, Hailey, Faith and Cinnamon to the Big Dog Bar.

When the rest of the party goers got to the bar they found the LLB Gang,, had decided to sit ON the bar, Sunny had her nose in the air because she did not want to sit next to Arty, Rosey felt left out because she was n the back, Arty stole the show because he came dressed in sunglasses and a straw hat. 

there may or may not have been words between Cinnamon and Beau, since Beau said his present from June was a box of orange thangs, and Cinni said it was a box of Precious.
they finally  both agreed to disagree and called the present
A box of Precious Orange Thangs,
 but then could not decide if Beau would share or not.
June showed up with her own box to sit in and tried to tell Marv there was not enough room in the box for two, just as Marv made a flying leap from Cinnamons Back. 
Kozmo and Jo Jo just decided to ignore the antics of their siblings and have a drink.
Beau wants to know if you can find his favorite present in
the stack of 87 presents he received 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Love is a 4-legged Word Happy Gotcha Day


Happy Gotcha Day, My Sweet Loving Beaumont!

Mama was sitting on the ottoman talking to Daddy about some nonsense. 

She talks. A LOT! I wandered over and sat on her foot with my back to her leg and looked backwards up and over into her face. 

She started laughing and hugging my head and said this........and daddy helped with remembering what they both love about me. 

Beau, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.
I love you when you sit on my foot
 when you put your head back and look in my face
when you lay on the floor
 when you sleep on daddy's lap
when you wooo woo at me to take you outside
 when you woo at me to feed you
 when you woo at me to make daddy come to the table and eat.

I love you when you sleep
 when you roll upside down
 when you give me your paw
  you give me your other paw
 when you sit, stay, come on command

I love you when I say Wait, and you patiently wait while I water the flowers on the way for our morning walk
 when you sit with your head hanging out of the window of the Kia
 when you jump right on the scale at the vet
 when you are the best boy at the vet

I love you when the vet tech says you are their best boy for trimming your nails

I love you mostest of all when you are blocking the entrance or exit of anywhere in the house and I have to step over or around you, and when  I can't do that and say Move you move.

In Fact I just LOVE YOU..
Pee SSS  I Forgot one
I love you when I talk to you and you sit and watch my lips and listen to every word
until I stop talking..

We Gotcha Furever Beaumont