Friday, March 31, 2023

Final Friday Feature

Mama to me the story that happened way back in 2007. She said we had a loveseat, and two dog beds by our bed for 3 dogs.
At times this is how they slept.

When Cooper became an angel, we dragged the sofa to the curb, and she paid 40 dollars each for two of the chairs above.
Mama uses the chairs to hold pillows and to read in or sit down so she can reach her feet.
Big boy and me tried the chair once and never got in them again.

Last week,Mama sat down in the chair to take polish off her toenails, and it sunk so low, she got up, got the measuring tape and the chair is 15 inches to the sit surface and goes to 11 inches when she sits down and she swore to me, it is not her weight, but the fault of the cushions.

the mystery of the Big Dogs not using the chairs, is solved, Big was Big and I am Bigger, but our weight mashes and moves the cushion down too far.


As Mama sat in the chair, she saw the stuff hanging on the wall. 
She told me the story of the hanger thingy on the wall.
The wall hanger was added 30 years ago to keep Daddy from hanging stuff on doorknobs.
Mama says he hangs whatever wherever he is when he decides to hang it.
Hanging there now is...
A gown that she uses for exercising her legs while lying on the bed because she can't get off the floor.
A swatter, that will kill any flying/crawling/creeping bug. I have heard her scream for Daddy if it is a spider. She doesn't swat spiders!
There is an emergency leash in case of fire or home invasion, and we have to go out the window,
At one time there were 3 leashes there, but Cooper, Baby and Jake are angels now and don't need leashes or windows to flee from fire/home invaders.
She said they can fly through walls now.
She whispered in my ear that Daddy has NEVER hung anything on the hanger thingy. He prefers chairs and doorknobs.
She also said that Daddy was asked to get the whistle for her to blow so he could come help her when she was in bed from a pulled muscle, and he said What Whistle? Where is it?
She screamed said in a soft voice, on the wall where you never hang anything.
I don't know what the point of this post is, but this is the stories she told me to write for 
Final Friday Fiction.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Amazon Came. Again!


Guess what I am doing? Answer below at end

A package came from Amazon! did not smell like it was for me, so I ignored it.
UNTIL Saturday about 1:30 in the afternoon
Mama said Come, and removed my collar, slid the slip NOOSE around my head and led me to the yard. She aimed an odd-looking GUN at me, it was full of shampoo, and she sprayed me with soap and rubbed that green thing with all the hair in it back and forth. 
and sprayed me some more.
Dried me with a towel and used that mitt below to dry my ears and face.
and ran the mitt up and down my legs while sitting on the ottoman.
I did not fight or try to run, I loved it. 
Shocking news, I have only had 2 baths in 2 years! Mama and Daddy struggled to bathe me, because they are OLD. so she says and because i did not like it.
this is a video that shows how to use it.
It works and I am clean and that first photo is me doing a walkabout drying session.
My furs feel like silk or so says da pawrentz.
I will be getting a spray down several times a month now. 
it is already HOT here... woke up to 74 degrees going to 87 and HUMID
We are thankful for Amazon and for Pup Jet and for a great way for Ancient One to bathe a big dog

Pup Jet Wash see on Amazon HERE  I got one with a mit and only one attachement

Double purpose green thingy. Can be used for brushing with soapy water or my favorite way is Mama brushes my furs and gets them all loose.. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

My first cousins, AGAIN


Today is Respect your CAT day. We have no cat in our house!
BUTT we did get photos from my human brother this week, and Smokey the CAT has our respect and love. He is my nephew 

My Human Brother Dan, sent new pics of  Smokey the Cat and Zoe the Mastiff Hound Dog.
No I am not jealous, we think Zoe looks a lot like ME
My niece and nephew on Sunday Selfie.

Smokey is 13 years old and we love him I respect cats and he is also my elder.

Zoe is two and I am 9, she weighs 125, I weigh 81, our furs are the same colors.
I can't meet her because I am not supposed to run or chase balls or dogs because of my hip.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday Selfies


Trust R Us!

I Heart All of You

Smile, you are on Candid Camera

Are you enchanted yet?

I love you

Todays Seflies are brought to you via a new app, called Pip Camera. I have been PIPPED!