Monday, December 4, 2023

Dan's Inside Cats


My human brother Dan, has three inside cats. 

Bandit is the very active Kitten in the house. In his other life he was feral.

Each window to the back yard has homemade cat trees for sunbathing or watching the ferals and possums or watching daddy working.

December is cat lover's month. this is our Cat, he lives on a shelf in the nook.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sunday Sofa Selfies


I had no idea she was taking these photos. I was watching the neighbor's through our Window to the Outside World, Mama was once again computing, Daddy was once again watching TV.
they kept laughing, Mama kept saying, this is funny, he has no clue, watch this and she waved the laptop in the air, I kept staring out the window.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Francisco, The Spectrum Cable Guy


. She has no pictures to go with Francisco and said these will have to do.
 I want you to know The Spectrum Cable Guy, Francisco, is my new best friend.
He came in the door talking all silly sweet talk about how handsome I am, and I heard good boy several times. He even said, Beau what a beautiful boy you are. I sat on his foot, I leaned on his leg, he squatted, and I gave him a big kiss. The last 3 repair persons that came, totally ignored me, no speak, no look, no nothing, not a pet, nothing. I love Francisco and he loves me.

After He left, I heard Mama say to Daddy, Francisco owned a pet store in NYC before he came here and he had a big Great Dane, so he knew how to treat me, or let me treat him.
Guess why he came to see us. He said the little devils that eat our avocados, chewed up the wires to our cable tv/phone/internet.
Mama has been fussing about her internet dropping out and back and out and back. 
Now it works great.
 Monday, 11/25 I received a text from Spectrum, it said "After checking your account, you have signal issues, click here to schedule your appt. for maintenance."

I never click a link... I went to Spectrum online and when I logged in a big RED sentence said You have Maintenace issues, click here to schedule... I clicked, it said pick the day, I clicked 11/26 picked 9 to 10. and it said your appt is scheduled for tomorrow between 9 and 10. Please have an adult over 18 on site.
There was nothing to say what, why etc. I thought they were bringing the router that 4 people said I needed, and 1 said I did not, last week. 

Turned out he was here for 2 hours replacing the line from house to pole, and I went to ask the neighbor if he could go in there back yard to the pole. Ken said sure and I talked for 60 minutes with him and his wife and when I got back, Bob said, I thought he kidnapped you and was about to come looking.  I had a blast, the man is a treasure and now my email and blogging work perfectly.

can you find mamas foot and hands? look hard.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Black Friday on Nature Friday

Mama and Me Story about the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday here in the states. Black Friday is All about selling stuff for good prices. BUTT this is not that kind of black Friday.

This is about while the sky is still black, right after breakfast, Mama takes me outside, she ran back inside to get the camera but was disappointed the pinks and blues that were breaking at 06:30 AM did not show through the palms, she could see it, I did not but she said it was gorgeous and it was going to be a really beautiful sunrise.
She told me it would be 5 more minutes before we could leave, she watches for the sky to get lighter to avoid those coyotes.

See? it is getting brighter and soon we blasted out the door like we were in an Alaskan Sled race.
When we leave the house, I am pulling her 87 MPH fast! 
She keeps up pretty well, but when the sky exploded with color at 6:40 she asked me to STAY.
Nope! not now was my answer. 
She explained to me the bottom of the sky was 3 shades of aqua and as far as she could look up there were shades of rose, 3 shades of rose and golds and silvers.
she said Beau, this is AWE INSPIRING! I refused to STAY for her to get a shot. My answer was...

We reached the halfway mark and turned back towards home, and it looked like the above.
7 am / 07:00 it looked like this over our house. See the big tree on the left? our house is under that tree. 
I did   87 6 perfect Stay's and she got 6 photos. Too late to get the Aquas.
Mama said she wanted to stand and stare, but that is way too much STAY time.
I am out for my WALK, not my STAY while you play with that silly


Joining Rosey for Nature Friday over at The LLB LIFE

Roses for Rosey by AI and MY MAMA