Saturday, July 2, 2022

Walking Mama


Mama sat the Chromebook on the counter and started waving her arms, I looked on while rolling my eyes in amazement.
Seven ugly photos later she dabbled in PicMonkey and came up with two she could live with.
I heard her mumble that the photos showed wrinkles and wings. I had no idea she has Wings and now am wondering why she never flies? 
In My Humble Opinion, she has flipped her lid and gone quite Mad.
All this so I can tell all of you that she is still dizzy and taking meds to walk me each morning.
She said to tell you she can walk 3 ways without the pill.
If she shuffles like an old person, with arms down, she WILL fall over.
If she spreads her legs like above, she can walk perfectly straight but looks like a penguin.
She can walk her normal stride if she flaps her wings, holds her arms out like a tight rope walker.

The simple answer is, she continues to be dizzy in the AM. and with one Dramamine pill at wake up she can walk me fine, just like she always does.
It would look pretty silly if she waved the leash around and with wrinkled wings extended, she might choke me,

PEE.ESSS. this photo was just too ugly to show, thus the edit
No, I am not sniffing her butt, I was passing by. 
Sorry we are a day late saying this to all our Canadian friends.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Nature Friday with Rosy

 See all that nature along the fence?
 It's been raining every day for 12days. Not all day, lots of sunshine,
just big booming thunderstorms every evening.
In this part of Florida, the old normal was a rainstorm almost every day.
Our Old Normal is here, we hope it stays.
Mama asked me to show you the fig plant in the kitchen that is growing like Jack and the Beanstalk

Big Boy is hiding in the shadows to bring a Rose to Rosey for Nature Friday

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Gator Tale by Beau


Mama was siting in her chair, with laptop of COURSE, Daddy staring at TV
and Moi Sleeping On the Floor.
Mama said LOOK!
Daddy said WHAT?
Mama Pointed, look at Squeaky Gator! he is standing up in a sunbeam.
Look! it looks like he stood it there.
Of course, it does Mama, I did stand it there.
She got up with cell in hand snapped twice
and stooped to get the Side View
and I grabbed my Gator and ran with it. 

Don't you think any mama with a lick of sense would have quietly stood and took her photos before saying LOOK? I mean LOOK to me means treats, food, someone at the door.
Look does not mean lay still on the floor while Mama snaps photos.
Yes, I do know today is Thankful Thursday at Brians Home and I am thankful for my green gator squeaky toy and for sunbeams and last but not least my Mama.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Ten Digit Dialing



Thank you Ms Ann from Zoolatry, Mama said you did this in honor of her being a helicopter mom, and now I am a helicopter and can keep up with her

Mama said to let you all know she got an email from her phone provider stating 

New Mandatory 10-Digit Dialing Procedures
Even when calling in our own Area Code, we must dial all 10 numbers.
It seems they have added so many of the 3 digits numbers, for example 911, they ran out of numbers to use and now we have to dial 10 numbers to call our next-door neighbor
AND if you have speed dial without the area code and did not put one in your phone, the speed dial will not work.
Did any of you ever have on 3 numbers for a phone number?
Mama said for 2 years when she was 13 and 14, they had a phone on the wall and to make a call
she had to turn the handle round and round and talk to the operator to make her call and when they lived there, there phone number was only 2 numbers

How Far We Have Come

Call me If you have a CAN with a string on it

And we can talk.
Let's hear from all of you. Do you dial 10 numbers to call?