Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jake by any other name is Jake

Now...Still Handsome, a little grayer in the face, ears down Mom has the camera
Young...Handsome, ears UP he is on MailMan Alert and did not notice the camera.
Jakes names . In order by how much they are used.

Punkin (said with drippy sweet voice)
Jake (when some one ask my name, rarely used)
Jakey (when I look adorable, as in uspide down alseep)
Jacob (stern voice, means No)
Sweet Pea ( only daddy uses this one, means come on, we are going outside)
Sweet Heart
Momma's Boy
Daddy's Boy

How many names do your pets have in addition to the real name?

I have had 13 dogs since I was 7 years old.. In order, here are there oh so very creative names.

Sticky, Ginger, Brownie, Blackie, Brownie 2, Joey, Shadow, Tubby, Fritz, Max, Baby, Cooper and Jake. 
The tabs at top of blog have their stories.


Ann said...

Jake is one handsome guy. He looks very regal in that second picture they way he's sitting

retriever said...

Jake has a nice head

Happy Sunday,here snow annonced, Cerise my golden,love it,greeting from Belgium . ** Blog my city MONS**

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Max did remind me of Zaphod.

My dogs rarely get called by their names. Off the top of my head: Hailey, Lee. Leelee, Meep, BG (for baby girl). Zaphod, Phod, Phody, Buddy, Big sucks, Bear, Rick . . . . it goes on!

MilitaryPugWife said...

We call Maddie - Mads, Maddie Reese, Madeline, Mommy's Little Meatball, Princess Pug
BabyBelle - BabyBelle, Belle, Jingle Bells

KB Bear said...

Jake is one handsome dude!!! Our dogs have as many names as Jake does. I love nicknames :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

He is very handsome! Like the other names you use. Yes Skye has a few other names I call her.

The Daily Pip said...

Love the picture of Jake in the sun and he looks super handsome against the red blanket as well.

Thanks also for your lovely comments about my post today. Glad you are enjoying the special adoption series!

SweetMarie said...

Jake is so handsome and adorable! I like Jakey. :)
miss you all!