Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby takes a Sunday Stroll

this is a top speed AMBLE in the sunshine Sunday morning. not bad for 12.11 years. I will be 13 in April.

We got new collars on March 4th, they are still laying on the counter waiting for Daddy to put our new tags on them.. Can you guess which collar Baby Girl gets?


Anonymous said...

Baby can stroll all she wants! She's a doll. I love the new collars. Our old neighbor had male/female goldens. He had red/blue collars but was forever switching them on the dogs which really could get confusing!!!!!

SweetMarie said...

Baby is beautiful! What day in April? Mine is the 5th. That pink collar with hearts must be hers, so pretty just like your Baby girl. :)

Ann said...

Wish we had some of that sunshine to go for a stroll in. Nice collars and I'm pretty sure Baby girl will look pretty in pink :)