Friday, October 4, 2013

Re-Post of Love from Baby Girl

Re-post from 2011 Because we love our 12 year old Baby Girl

Close Up and Personal, I am well preserved for 9 years old, don't you think?

I repeat, I did NOT turn over that flower pot

Sniff! Sniff! Do you smell that? What is that? Maybe it's something stinky I could ROLL in

Of Coure I can sleep standing up, Can't YOU?


Anonymous said...

She is a baby doll. I especially love the snif snif photo!!!

Mersad said...

She is adorable!

Ann said...

She is just so sweet and those last two pictures are totally adorable

SquirrelQueen said...

Baby is one very special girl. And sweetie, we know you didn't turn over the flower pot. It was a squirrel.

Giga said...

Piesku tylko koń śpi na stojąco, ty się lepiej połóż. Pozdrawiam.
Boy only horse sleeps standing up, you better put. Yours.

SweetMarie said...

Baby is so beautiful! I love the photo where she is sniffing!
Huggies from me to her!