Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Butt Butt

 Butt Butt, who has the cutest Butt? Sunday AM game part one
UPDATE early am today the BUTT on the left chewed my drivers license to smithereens. anyone want a dog?

Baby, look what I found under the bush...

Here, want a bite?

Catch me if you can?

You say you don't want to run?

to be continued


SquirrelQueen said...

I expect there will be more running before this game is done.
Cute butts!

Deb said...

Adorable butts maybe we need to host a butt contest

Val said...

Haha, I see this type of thing everyday--only one of our butts is a bit more fuzzy!!
I like Deb's idea of the Butt COntest!!

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh! Chewed up your license. They are both cute. Love the stick.