Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pawsome Paparazzi

Jake On The Hunt for Lizards

Yes, I the Pawsome Paparazzi, spent some time Saturday lurking in the bushes with my camera.

I love these two guys..


Anonymous said...

They sure take lizard patrol seriously, don't they? ha ha

They are cute as can be and I love them, too!

Maggie M said...

We hope you found lots of lizards. Those are great pictures of you two in the bushes. Hugs and nose kisses

SweetMarie said...

this is what my Rambo and Rocket do. Roxy usually takes in some sun and watches them until there's something good going on. :) Your two have a small jungle to play around in. lol they look so pretty in the sunshine and shadows and all the green around them. Hugs to them both!