Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jake says NO

Jake, Look at mommy... please?


 What? you know I hate that camera.

 I will just graze a bit...maybe she will go away

She didn't leave, so I will

I asked you to Stop

OK just let me in if you can't stop following me


Anonymous said...

He is precious, even if a bit camera shy! I think photographing pets is the hardest thing to do - mine are usually moving!

Ann said...

well at least he looked at you once :)

SweetMarie said...

love Jake
s reflection in the last pic.:) he's so sweet looking!

SquirrelQueen said...

Ha, Jake is doing his best to get away from the camera. I love the reflection of him in the last photo.

Relindis said...

Your doggies are wonderful I've just been reading their life stories and it's heart warming to know they have a happy home. They both have such great personalities which you've captured so well in your photos.