Monday, May 23, 2011

Sat Noon Game part two

Daddy yells, go long Jake....

 I went long, where's the ball?
 Open that mouth really wide that ball is moving and i don't have a GLOVE
 Can you find the ball in this photo?
 and this photo?
This is the I am DONE position. when he is done he just stops dead and stands and stares with the ball in his mouth. Me not knowing anything about training, i always said Thank You and he would put it down, why oh why did i not teach him Release.... like smart people do.

What BABY GIRL did before, during and after the game
Have you guessed yet?


texwisgirl said...

ha ha! i'm getting to know Baby Girl quite well. she and i are a lot alike! :)

love that gaping mouth on Jake. you must never have to clip his toenails with all his running on cement.

Deb said...

that Jake is a go getter....Baby Girl has the right idea....why bother with all those trick...just look cute and you will get the lovin'....

Ann said...

I see Jake is still staying away from the jumping. Is he better yet?
Baby makes an excellent audience

SquirrelQueen said...

Jake really focuses on the ball, it never seems to be out of his sight.
I think Thank You is much more polite than Release but then I have cats so training is what they do to me not the other way around.