Friday, April 22, 2011

Where is my daddyyyyyy

During the 3 pm ball game, where Daddy slings the tennis ball and Jake chases it, Jake stopped to chat with a lizard and daddy waits and stares at the tomatoes.
 Can you find Baby Girl in above photo. Daddy gave up and went inside and guess who was waiting at the door for his reappearance?
Ok, so for those of you who are wondering where the MadSnapper was and WHY, I was behind the bushes at the fence snapping MORE photos for my other blog's  backyard shoot out.


texwisgirl said...

i'm quite perturbed w/ either blogger or my internet connection today as i'm getting about 1/2 the photos to load. so yes, i saw baby girl in the top photo but nada in the 2nd... :(

Ginny said...

I DO see Baby Girl, and surprise, surprise, she is not sleeping!!

Catherine said...

You are just like the paparazzi hiding in the bushes!! :)
xo Catherine

SquirrelQueen said...

I see Baby Girl but with your current temps I'm surprised she's not in the shade. Jake is really to play catch!

Ann said...

I'm laughing at the thought of you lurking in the bushes with your camera aimed and