Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh No She Didn't

My friend Remington she is NOT... she does nothing on command, I spent 10 minutes trying today to get her to put her ears forward, she stayed in the same bored with it all pose.
Check out Remington to see what a Canine Star is supposed to look like.

Just So You Know... she can look pretty, look over to the side bar for how she looks with ears up and forward
I tried all the clue words she knows, Eat, Hungry, Sandwich, Starving, Food.... any of these words cause her to jump and run to the kitchen, nothing worked, she was drunk on sunshine


texwisgirl said...

Ha ha!!!

Ginny said...

Oh, this is FUNNY! And I am laughing at your key words, I know they would get ME off my backside!! Not to mention perking my ears up.

Home In The Hollow said...

I agree with Ginny...you say those words to me and I'm all ears!...:)JP

Ann said...

LOL, Duke gets like that too, If he doesn't want to cooperate there's no changing his mind.
I want to know how they get Remington to wear those glasses

Kilauea Poetry said...

My dog once she's comfortable (and doesn't think any emergency)..wants to just stay put!! Normally isn't a problem but they do get that way. I can see how enjoyable the sun is! (no excuse I'm sure)

SquirrelQueen said...

Aw, Baby Girl is cute in any pose. When there is sunshine all other things have to wait, especially mommy's flashy beast.