Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cinderella and Cinderfella

Baby Feb 26, 2002, we rescued her Feb 22, 2002, 10 months old and badly abused and so afraid she cowered for months if we picked up anything in our hand, especailly sticks, brooms, cans or bottles.
Now after 9 years of love. She is 10 now and very happy
Jake, rescued at 4 months old out of the streets, starving and abused and terrified of loud noises and suden moves, May 2005
Jake, now 6 years old and happy
We love our Cinderella and Cinderfella, our sweet "Mutts"


texwisgirl said...

2 of our 'dumped and rescued' pups were starving and skin and bones and they have made 2 of the best country dogs and sweet pets EVER! :)

From rags to riches...

Kilauea Poetry said...

Precious and with such bright path their lives turned into!! Life is sad but there is much to be grateful for. Before I go on, I think these are beautiful!! This morning (not-no-not-never)been a morning person! But I'm still upat the crack of dawn because of you know who! Anyway, I call it creating the environment for them and after all the fuss and routine- they reward us big time!!

Home In The Hollow said...

Well, I can see that you're not the wicked step mother! Of course, I knew that right from the beginning! Love is all it takes!...:)JP

Ann said...

Those are two very lucky pups to have found such loving homes. That picture of Jake is something. He was so skinny.