Thursday, November 4, 2010

OK Corral Part 2

THIS GAME LASTED ABOUT 15 MINUTES SO IT IS A 3 PART POST, They love to play and run and play fight. dont worry, they do not hurt each other


Remington said...

Looks like you two sure have fun!

Hope said...

"smiling".. they do have fun.. sometimes they look like their really at each others throats..when in fact like you said they are only playing.. wonderful action captures..
you friends are beautiful.. I have one pitbull.. a girl.. VERY MUCH GIRLY.. "smile".. the other one is a cooker spaniel.. male.. he thinks he is a pit bull..guess because the pit acted like his mom.. when we got him.. will have to put up some photos of them for you to see..
have a cat as well.. and yes the cat RULES the house.. "grins".
have a beautiful day today..
nice here for a change..
soft hugs

Ann said...

They remind me of two chocolate labs I used to have. They would play like that too. So much fun to watch them.

SquirrelQueen said...

So much energy, it's a good thing they have each other to play with.