Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shoebee Doo

Hi, you might know me as Jake. Mommy and Daddy call me Shoebee Doo because I love SHOES. I meet Mommy at the door when she returns from where ever and MUST have the LEFT shoe only to carry to the closet. If you pay attention to my newest portraits, you might guess in a HUMAN life I would have been a tennis player since I love playing ball even better than shoes. (but that is another story)

I have shoes that are MINE and shoes that are Theirs (also a dozen tennis balls). I never chew them up, I just LOVE to carry them around the house swinging my tail from side to side and wreaking havoc on anything within tail distance.

Daddy said dogs like me are supposed to have their tails cut short and stubby, Mommy said NO, that is cruel. So now Mommy howls and yowls when my tail hits her legs. (this is NOT my fault)

When we play ball, and I get to hot, this is my Stop! position. This means I am done for now and need AC fast. (plus I get half a popcicle to cool me down)

Coming Soon to a blog near you, Pillow Princess


Ginny said...

Oh, my, Jake! It looks like you are trying to pant, but will not drop the ball in order to do so!! You are so lucky to still have a tail and a good mommy to give you popsicles, but of course this is making me hungry now. When mommy comes home, you always take one of her shoes to the closet?? Such a good boy not to chew it up!! Perhaps you are descended from a line of butlering dogs!

Brenda's Arizona said...

What a kick! We, too, have a shoe hoarder... never chewed, but nicely collected and slobbered on. I agree, tennis balls are better.

SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Jake, you look so cool with your tennis ball. We are glad you mommy didn't have your tail clipped, that would be mean. Miss Cindi still has all of her claws too.

Krista said...

Haha Shoebee Doo, that's great. What a sweetheart. Jimmy has the "need rest" position too but it usually takes several hours for him to get there. I usually get tired before he does! :o)