Monday, January 25, 2010

Weather Canine!

We have our own weather reporter. Her name is Baby Girl. She is totally reliable and easy to understand when she gives her weather report.

Today's Report started at 3:40 AM
Baby is part Ridgeback Hound dog and who knows what else, because we don't know and will never know.

She can report Weather Bulletins but is not interested in telling us her ancestral history. If you have never heard a Hound SHAKE, you may not understand why her shaking woke us up at 3:40 AM.

She and Jake sleep in our bedroom on their very on Dog Chairs. When Baby shakes in the middle of the night, this is a SIGNAL that means she is UP and we need to find out if she wants to go out.
this morning the signal woke me up and I watched as she headed for her  Condo (walk-in closet  that she confiscated 8 years ago).
Baby Girl is not a happy camper when it rains or thunders or bright slashes of light streak accross the sky.

At 3:40 no rain, no clouds, no bright flashes or loud booms. But when Baby says rain, we know it is coming soon. We flipped on the weather news and there it was, a very large line of Thunderstorms just off shore. At 4:15 a flash, at 4:30 a boom. By 5 AM the rain was pelting on the roof and the flashes were flashing.

we left for the gym in a real thunderstorm, when we came home Baby met us at the door. She was OUT of the Condo. That meant the storm was gone. the sun is out right now and she is waiting for 10 am and the beams to hit the kitchen floor.

Our Weather Canine tells us if it is cold, hot, warm or perfect.

COLD: baby is curled in tight knot on blanket
HOT: baby is sprawled out upside down in immodest display
WARM: on sofa in semi sprawl
SUN ON FLOOR in kitchen; Baby is on the rug. She even knows what time the sun hits. at 10 AM she gets up and wanders into the kitchen for a lay down in the sun.

All this from a Rescue Dog. She rescued us from boredom and from having to watch the weather persons on TV. We rescued her from a dog abuser.
                            Lucky for her and Lucky for us because Baby Alwasy Knows! and so do we!


Beverly said...

Smart dog! I feel bad for animals when thunder and lightning is on its way. They do know, for sure.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute Sandra.... Too bad your doggies can't get paid to be Meteorologists .... They do a better job than the humans ones do.. ha

Love calling the closet the CONDO.... Cute!!!

Sunny said...

Such cute pictures of Baby. She's certainly smarter than the TV weatherman.
Sunny :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Baby is so cute in her rain hat, I think she would be a great tv weatherdog. I would rather watch her than most of our local weather casters.

It always amazes me how sensitive animals are to the environment, we can learn a lot from them. In AK my calico cat would always let me know when one of our many earthquakes was coming.

Ginny said...

Baby is looking pretty in her pink necklace and yellow umbrella. As the saying goes,"Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up now." Hope the weather didn't get too "ruff"!! I hear animals can sense earthquakes before they come, too. But what I'm really admiring is you going to the gym in a thunderstorm! Now that takes dedication!!

Josie said...

Sandra, just joined as a follower, and BOY do I know what you are talking about when you talk about Thunderstorms. Josie hates thunderstorms. Funny, (not really) but when she was a wee little puppy, they didn't bother her at all, but now that she's a teenager at 3 (yesterday was her BD) she shakes and hides when a storm comes by. I love the hat, by the way. Josie is getting much better with wearing things, now that she is a Therapy Dog. If you get a chance, please check out my blog. It's all about the dog! Much love.

Josie said...

Sandra...SQ told me about you!!! Thanks SQ!!!

SGR said...

Woof! Woof! GREAT!!! Hi there I'm Sugar ... just found your blog n making new friends. Looking forward to you visit to my blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

A Quiet Corner said...

Oh my...there's just one more reason for me to love her...part Ridgeback! They are my favorite breed...:)JP

Ann said...

Love the rain hat. too cute.
I had a chocolate lab that developed a severe fear of thunderstorms in his senior years. He would pant like crazy and get as close to me as he possibly could. Then he would try and get a little closer :) I felt bad for him but it drove me nuts