Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunny Jake

Yesterday the sun shone in Florida! the door was the choice spot for Jake and i decided to try new settings on my camera.

He was so hot, his tongue was hanging out

Can you guess what he was saying to Mommy? I think this look meant
"cut that out! can't a dog get any respect?"


Ginny said...

Guess it's gone back to being warm in Florida! Cold had it's benefits (no bugs)!! I noticed this new header a few days ago and thought how stunning it is! How on earth did you do it? I've been waiting for a new post here so I could tell you!

Sandra said...

Photoshop is the answer to how I did the header. I played with the brushes, i am still learning on photoshop and hope to get better and better.

SquirrelQueen said...

Jake is really enjoying that beautiful sunshine. We saw it briefly today too, we have been have warmer (WA warmer, not FL temps) weather here as well.

Looks like the new settings you tried worked really well.