Friday, April 3, 2020

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Might Paw is here to save the day

Not that I ever PULL, but Mama ordered me a new Mighty Paw Harness from Amazon. It has front hook to train not to pull, top hook for walking fast or running and that thing in the middle is a Grab 

The Dog Handle for dogs who might lay down and refuse to move.

The leash has a 8 foot part and a short handle attached for making dogs walk where they should.
Most of the time I walk like I should, but on occasion I have been known to 
lean down, butt in air, while saying nope, i am not leaving the smelly stuff, put my chest on the ground and collapse.
I weigh 75 pounds! Nuff Said!

Mama is training daddy to say Come! in a firm voice but he isn't as well trained as I am, and yells get up and some other stuff i can't repeat.

Now with the handle he can MAKE me get up. without words.
Mama uses Words! and Venison Treats
and I hear her mumble, why are men so stubborn? I wonder if I am stubborn?

It took the word Come several times and about 20 treats to get me to leave the raccoon.
Butt! as you can see in the video below, I don't even pull when I see ducks.
Cats and Coons make me pull. We pass a lot of those.
Thus the new harness.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Pool PUP

Just before Mama took this photo, I jumped in the pool, the deep end and almost drowned.! Mama leaped in and put her arm around my neck and swam me to the steps.

GOTCHA!   A, I don't move fast enough to accidently fall in the pool B. mama can hardly swim enough to save herself!
Think about this...…….
What if April Fools day really doesn't exist and this has been the longest prank in history!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Don't Drink n Doze

Today we have intoxicating mixture of puns. The Puns have begun, I make pour decisions. Mama said she misses 100 % of the shots she doesn't take. Alcohol you later, Wish you were beer.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Fish You Were Here

Sometimes Mama reads me stories about Arty, Jakey and Rosie. When I saw this My Beach House Arty, I said Mama, remember when Daddy showed me Our Beach House? Can I show it to Arty and everyone else?

Don't you think Arty has just the right size beach house for him, and My Beach house is just the right size for me?
Arty is a Little Big Man and I am a BIG big man! 

Be Shore of yourself
Sea Life's Beauty
Come out of your shell
Don't Get Tide down...
Don't be shellfish
Seas every opportunity!
Arty and I were having a whale of a good time. Fish you were HERE!

NOTE! Mama's PicMonkey magic using Zoolatry Photoshop magic of cutting me out allowed mama to fit me in with Daddy. She said this photo is about 10 years old. It was taken on Beer Can Island, also  known as Whitney Beach, FL. Arty's beach house jogged her memory, which needs a lot of jogging these days.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Walking Daddy part 2

We turned around to head back home and looks what was in the middle of the road, the sun came up right over the trees and in our eyes.... Mama said I can't see! this is blinding me, We waited to long. Tomorrow we leave earlier, I can't walk like this. There could be an elephant in the road and we would not know it.
There might have been more, but you get what I heard. What I want to know is how did she get these photos if she could not see. That's a mystery to ME.

Can you see how well I walk my Daddy! he walks great, doesn't he?  Yesterday on our walk, we got to the turnaround spot and there was a LOUD noise, I started pulling and ACTING UP, even daddy with the hearing aid, said what is that noise. Mama with the ULTRA hearing said it's over there.
There were 4 Big Green Trans Bins and one of them the lid was popping up and THUMP! Pop up and THUMP!
Mama said get him out of here, there is something trapped in the trash bin. Ha Ha On Mama! Get him out of here.
I wanted to see that critter, I laid my big 75 pound self down and refused to move.

Since I was wearing my brand new harness, that you have not seen yet, Daddy grabbed the handle of the harness and yanked me up, mama backed down the street holding treats, each time I got one I moved 6 feet, a block away I stopped acting up.  Mama was not happy when she said Come and I did not! What did she expect? I wanted to see what was in the can.

Mama said HE knows what's in there because of his nose.

The humans shoved me in our house, and ran out the door, I heard the car start up and they were gone. I was heart broken.

When they came home, I heard them talking all day about their adventure. Daddy took an ax handle with him, they drove back and daddy used the handle to open the lid. Nothing happened!

Daddy peered into the bin and there was a half grown Raccoon inside. he was to small to climb out. Daddy carefully tipped the bin over and out ran a terrified Raccoon and he never even looked at daddy or said Thank  you!

Below the only photo mama got... you can tell how far away she was...

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Walking Daddy part 1

I was busy walking Daddy, you can see we are attached to each other, and had no idea Mama was using her cell to make my legs longer.. Suddenly I thought I saw a CAT! nope just a fake turtle. We headed on West, the sun was rising behind us. See that garbage can on the top left? That is our Turn around, head back home and I get not one but THREE treats to turn around without pulling..
to be continued