Friday, November 27, 2020

In Memory of Rascal and Melodee


Rascal 2010 - Nov 18, 2020 10 years old over the rainbow bridge

None of you will recognize these pups, they are not a part of blogland, but they were and are a part of my life. These two dogs became members of the family at the same time, 10 years ago, they have no memory of life without the others. Siblings from tiny babies.
Back in Oct, I asked for POTP (power of the paws) for Rascal, 3 days after our Big Boy went over the rainbow bridge, Rascal got really sick. He had tumors all over and was swollen so bad he could not breathe. Last week on Nov 18, Rascal went over the rain bow bridge, leaving my friend Jackie and her family and her sister Melodee, to grieve. 

Melodee 2010-Nov 25, 2020 over the rainbow bridge

Melodee quit eating, and a few days ago, they took her to the vet, she had a few tumors and the vet said it might be lymphoma. She was given meds and Thanksgiving eve, Nov 25
Sweet Melodee, their German Shepherd went over the rainbow bridge yesterday.
It was like she gave up when her  brother Rascal left her behind.
 She went into a spiral, refused to eat, could not get up, and 7 days from the day Rascal left her, she went over the rainbow bridge.
Jackie and her family are dear friends and so were these two dogs.
Jackie needs our prayers as she battles cancer and chemo and on Dec 9th, surgery.

From Melodee and Rascal to Jackie, Richard and C.C. 

When tomorrow starts without us, don't think we are far apart.
for every time you think of us, we are right here inside your heart.💔

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving USA


Angel Jake telling what he was thankful for and his sister angel Baby.

I am thankful I have three balls, although something happened to flatten one of them! No idea how that happened. 
I keep them close and watch them like a hawk.

Happy Thanksgiving from Ball Brain Beau
Mama says I look SMALL here! Do you think my daddy's lap makes me look FAT?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020



I am worried, Where is my Ball? What do you think? 

I get no respect here, Any place I lay, there she is.

Yes! Mama! I know my butt is so cute you can't help yourself.

Aha! Fooled you... I had it in my mouth. Surprise!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

What Think Ye?


I am trying to have a private walkabout, there is a pup-a-razzie trailing me.
I heard her say to  Daddy, Come look at this. I found a Bengal Tiger in the yard.

What think YE?
By the way, this is my true colors, I am not gray.

Either there is something wrong with the cell phone camera OR
the person holding it.
What think Ye?

The End... wait! what did you say? was that a 
Who Cares what color I am? 
Let's talk about the indecency of showing this private photo?
And I don't care if da Phenny and da nelly do it.
That is what she told me when I complained.