Monday, July 22, 2019

Cable Guy Came

                                              My Momma is a STALKER! she is also a hugger, a kisser and she loves me lots! She tells me I am so adorable she can't help herself.

The cable guy came. Click HERE for MadSnapper Story unless you just came from there.

It is my pawsalnal opinion, he was not very nice. Knock on the door, I sit by door waiting to be petted. He steps in and totally IGNORES my beautiful furs and eyes and perfect Sit Stay... Not a word spoken, no hand to sniff, no smiles or eye contact

Not a pet, or a hand out, no eye contact, like I was invisible.

 He stayed for 80 minutes. I CAN tell time you know! Momma says I have a perfect clock. (that is another story)

He wandered into every room in the house except the kitchen, in and out the door, up the ladder outside and NEVER once even LOOKED AT ME... SHOCKER!!!!

Guess What I did to him?????

NOTHING! I tanked up on the sofa, put my head in Daddy's lap and went sound to sleep.
I SNORED LOUD the whole time he was here.
I totally ignored him, just like he did me. (once I lifted my head to LOOK at him kneeling by our TV because the little box he was using sounded just like my Waggle Ball, I verified he did not have it and went back to sleep
And I a Good Boy? OH YES!
No Cable Guy was harmed in this story and I asked first if he was ok with dogs. He answered I am Ok with dogs.   OK must mean I don't like it but can take it, just don't ask me to like dogs. I am sure he would not follow all of OUR blogs... HELLO pet lovers. We love you lots

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Shade Is My Friend

Can you see me in my Shady Spot? I am in that hole just to the left of the bucket. It is a zillion degrees these days. I lay in the sun and bake all 4 sides, then I disappear into that bush.

Momma says she took 87 million photos to get one of me back in that hole. It is dark and cool in there. She said to tell you she was shooting blind, bending over, what ever that means.
POP over to Momma's MadSnapper to see what all those bad thunderstorms have done for us.

Saturday, July 20, 2019


ink blots from internet. I see a cat, 2 roosters chatting, an odd dog and two dogs chatting.

What do you see in the next 3 ink blots?

Big on cold tile, cooling tummy from 97 degree back yard

It's so hot, the cows are giving evaporated milk and the chickens are laying boiled eggs.

Blue collar pup
Its so hot the trees are whistling for the dogs...

mommy tormenting dog with camera

Friday, July 19, 2019

Storm Hidey Hole

For the past 7 days, we have had thunderstorms every single day, some early morning some at bed time. Big is most comfy and stops whining if Daddy and Mommy sit on the sofa, and he goes in between the sofa and the footstool. Daddy puts his legs on the footstool you see here, and there he stays unless one of us gets up.... Daddy put his legs up on the sofa AFTER the storm and Mommy stood up and snapped this JUST FOR YOU..

Big is so much better than he was during storms. I read up on how to act when he is whimpering and whining. They  said act normal, don't coddle, don't talk baby talk, feed treats, do fun things. HA on that part.. We ate a meal at the counter, he laid under my legs and did take tidbits while it thundered. I stopped coddling and talking to him, and we turned the TV louder .

Unless one of us gets up.....he follows whomever gets up whimpering until we sit down again.

When the storms come while we are asleep, like this mother of all storms Wed night, Dad sleeps on, Momma sits on sofa, Big wedges in, Momma drapes a blanket over her legs that hangs down and makes a cave, and keep rubbing off and on with her foot... one hour we waited.
                             WE GOT THIS!   Arty, Rosy and Jakey, does this fit for nature Friday?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Nikon Pet Portrait #2

The Look says...… Enough Already.... 87 photos of me trying to snooze in the sun is a big much

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hound of the Baskervilles?

I am no longer besotted with my Wiggle Ball, I still LOVE it but now my peeps can touch it and put it in the basket and I leave it there. I am back to playing with my 3 orange balls, and my 2 footballs. For the first time since I got that BALL, I took out ALL my toys, even the ones i don't like and laid them on the floor.... I had touched NOTHING but that Wiggle Ball since Jackie gave it to me..

The Besotted with my ball Beast has now turned into the Hound of the Baskervilles. Mommy took the not so hot photo below of me TRYING to sleep and put it in PicMonkey Curves.

Mommy says to tell you her break is over. NOW you can see ME again.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Nikon Pet Portrait Mode #1

UPDATE: this auto posted because i forgot to pull it. taking a few days OFF
will leave this but no comments and no computers.. I need a break from screen time.

By Accident Mama found Pet Portrait Mode while playing with Sport Mode, so thanks a lot (insert sarcasm) Ms Ginny and Ms Yam, she took a few dozen More Photos of me.

I thought I smelled a squirrel but then the clicking sound

made me fall asleep
I tried to open my eyes but could not... I am a pet that has been Snapped by MadSnapper in Pet Portrait Mode... but wait there is MORE....