Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Sad Story with a happy ending

Mom found 87 million photos of me on The Furry Friends of Manatee County Animals Services, which is the shelter I was rescued from... She added leaves to make me feel better. My mom was crying as she watched the video and read my story from 3 visits to shelters. Here are a few photos and there will be MORE... she calls this photo my MWAH or MUAH photo. I am waiting for a KISS and someone to take me home. THEY DID TAKE ME HOME which makes my sad life a story with a happy ending.

All of this information came off of the rescue's Facebook page.. took me 87 years to dig through all of it. Gary first appeared at this rescue in June of 2016, transferred after a year at SPCA..

Again in 2017
again in 2018
This all proves I am a super chilled, very lucky dog... Sweet to the Bone..As of Oct 1 2018 I AM HOME.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I don't shine in shade

I don't shine in shade, but I am still handsome!!! Sunbeams brings out my highlights. So Mama Says.
PeeeS… I brought the football back to Momma TWICE today....

Mom here... now to get him to play ball outside, 65 pounds of playful pup is dangerous to the furniture. He will NOT chase anything outside.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

R U Ready for some FootBall?

Every moment matters, my football season is HERE... It is Time To Play Some Foodball.

Sorry guys, this is all I got. Big is to fast for the camera, the lighting was to low yada yada
Hi, this is Mom reporting on the Nerf Football game. He is playing chase the foot ball, throw football in air, 3 times a day. Which is more than before. I tried the suggestion in comments of throw the ball, and give him a treat when he brings it back. HA! he knew I had the treats and would not chase the ball, he went into sit position to get a treat and sat there waiting for another. I put the treats away and he chased the ball while I kicked it. He loves this ball.  Better each day. Will keep trying

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Nap

The good news is..... he still sleeps a LOT.... butt he has played football THREE times in the past 2 days. I throw it, he goes and gets it and I grab it away from him and he goes and gets it. Wow! no wonder he is tired... slowly but surely he is learning to play... He sits on command, but would not while on leash, now he does it on leash also.... we burst out laughing when we walked out today for his walk, he got just outside the gate and sat and looked up at me, like Where is my treat? he is on to me now. Sit means Treat, why wait for command.

Meet My Nieces and Nephews

Mom can't remember his name 
Meet my nieces and nephews, Mom gets these photos in text and messenger from my human brother. You met Dan and His wife Michelle a few weeks ago when they came to meet me. Mom says I can't to their house because ummmm I don't really play well with cats.

Bella, Smokey the cat, Allie
Don't they look like my 'kinfolk'???? They are just as black as I am, but the flash changes fur colors, or so Momma says.
My human brother says they way 20 pounds less than me, so that means I am Still The Big Boy in the family.. BB stands for BIG boy but also Beautiful Boy or Big Beautiful Boy.... never Bad Big Beautiful Boy.. never!

Friday, January 11, 2019

All Day Long

Momma says to tell you that all these photos of me in the sunshine on a red blanket are not from the same day.
 I sleep here every day and she takes shots at of me every day...
She begs me to stand up and be a man in her action shots. Aint Gonna Happen.    She has considered showing me doing my pee mail or the other thing. She HAS shown me walking and sitting. That is pretty much what I do. I over heard her say He is the laziest dog we ever had. the thing is Who has Whom?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Can Good Dogs Go Bad????

I did not chew the rocker on the rocking chair! I am a good dog, I have heard Mommy say it over and over. I would NEVER chew anything.  My girlfriend Lucy is another story. If she were here, she would have chewed the rocker. She kissed another dog, even though we are a couple. She chewed her Moms sofa, THREE Times... did I say  I did NOT chew the rocker?

Mom said to Daddy, did YOU chew the rocker? Did I chew the Rocker? there are only 3 of us in this house, can a good dog go bad?    
UMM the answer must be yes. Because I am admitting to you and Lucy I did chew the rocker. I don't know why and I am very sorry. BUTT the rocker was already chewed by angel Max 15 years ago. I only chewed 3 pieces off, so that's not all bad. Right?  By the way, Lucy has offered me advice on my next bath... Here   Isn't she beautiful?

Mom here, Why would a good dog, on day 97 in our home Chew The Rocker? anyone?