Monday, September 28, 2020

Speaking to my Mama


I don't get to walk anymore, but I do RIDE every day. See that harness? it lives in a basket by the garage door where the car lives. A few days ago, I heard Mama say, I think he is to sick to go for a ride. I stood up and walked over to the basket and laid my head on the harness, then I stared at her with my lazer beam eyes and Voila! I got to ride.

No matter how sick I get, I want the ride, even if I am so sick I have to lay down. But most of the time, I WATCH everything... I love riding more than walking............. Mama mumbles about gas money and riding a dog by paying 2.19 a gallon. Doesn't bother me. I don't even know what dollars is.

PS Mama said to tell you, even sick, I come to the side of the bed and STARE at her until she wakes up, then she guesses what I want. She tries OUTSIDE?  Food? and checks the radar... Today it was the radar clue. She let me on the bed with her and daddy.  I speak to da Mama and she does what I say

Sunday, September 27, 2020

fried it tried it


Mama Talkin today
No new photos of my boy because it stresses him..

the new pill is working, but not as good as it should, but the counted pee was 5 for the day, drank water 4 times. YAY!!!!  I never thought I would be following him around counting how many ounces of water  he drinks and times he pees. 

 Big ate liver and broth for 2 weeks,  stopped 5 days ago and will not touch it or the broth... Yesterday I fried it in olive oil. NOPE

Each day I try different things. He eats it once then will not touch it. Fridge is of full of left overs that will be tossed out...

The NOPE list that was on the yes list but not now
yogurt  , 1 slurp from finger
peanut butter
baby food
bagel or cream cheese
3 kinds of cheese
rice pudding  1 slurp from my finger
bread and offerings of everything we ate
no to bones and even his beloved venison treats.

Yesterday he ate 2 slice deli ham, that is how he gets am and pm pills, 5 bites Pork from BBQ grill, 1 burger, 4 oz. 3 bowls lactaid free milk, 2 oz per bowl.

At 4 pm I  was in panic mode and cooked him the hamburger.
He ate all of it.. that was it.
Looks like food of choice is Meat..
Yesterday he rode and sat up the whole 30 minutes, staring in wonder at every thing.
That was yesterday, today so far he ate the ham and pills and refused all else.
We rode him the the polling place to drop off our absentee ballots, and half way through the ride he collapsed on the seat and we came home.
I offered every thing, no no no, Bob offered PB on cracker, he said NO.
at 8:30 I made myself a peanut butter cracker, 2 unsalted saltines with my nothing added peanut butter.
He lifted his head and stared, I hand it to him. He ate It. He ate 3 total, drank milk, drank water.
My thoughts and others who have gone through this, plus the Vet, is he is not hungry because the fluids are filling him up.... Praying the fluids will continue to drop with these new pills.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

UPDATE from Big


Big Boy a few months ago

UPDATE!  I went to the Vet last night, I love going to the Vet and riding there. The vet says something happened, he doesn't know what, because 5 days ago I stopped eating and drinking and no peeing either.

He said my stomach and chest is full of water, he moved it around with his hands. He gave me a second water pill, now I get 2 water pills at morning and evening and my heart pills. He gave us 6 days, and said if that doesn't work, we will talk....  Mama tried to get me to take the three pills, now i will not eat Jelly. That is how she gives it to me. She tried yougurt and pumpkin and three kinds of cheese. Daddy said try my Old Farmers Ham, she did and I took all the pills in ham last night and this morning.

To get me to eat, Mama has to put in on her hand or finger... she offers one of these 

Babyfood turkey, NO  Yougurt NO Liver NO Liver broth NO on and on everything in the kitchen I loved. Yesterday she offered a bowl of lactaid free millk, YES  I had milk 3 times yesterday. Vet said feed him what ever he will eat. I keep changing my mind. I heard the vet say, if the pills work and some of the fluid leave it might help his apetite.  See you as new things happen

Friday, September 25, 2020

Big Boy Ride on Sept 23


I am not feeling Good, I am not eating well, I find it hard to breathe and you can see by my face I don't feel good, But even when I can hardly move, I beg for my ride and I GET IT!
Mama left me in the car with daddy Wed morning while she bought more beef liver to feed me.
She bought baby food bananas and I said NO.
But I love the liver and broth and Milk Bones.

We are putting this blog on hold for a few days. 
I am not eating or drinking and today, Thusday I threw up in the car.

She cries  a lot.