Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Matter What!

Jake will NOT have my stick, no matter what! MY STICK, ya got it?

NOTE: if you zoom in closer you might just see the DIRT on the Diggin Dog that Digs Holes to China, digs with front and throws on back. This is who will be in sleeping on the sofa in the next few minutes.
NOTE 2: the sun is shining and the dog world is good here in Florida


texwisgirl said...

Ha ha! LOVE that sleeping guard dog!

Kilauea Poetry said... Rottie enjoyed digging too- especially the sand at the beach!! So cute Sandra!! Love the coloring of your pooch your warm surroundings! Our Moo just likes to dig a spot in the ground wherever..just to keep cool then lay down. Hubby had to spray because somehow they picked up (most likely our cat or in-laws dog) fleas. Well, she's sulking because they have to stay in the house (didn't get to play frisbee this morning)..I shoved her heart worm down and a capstar I use on them which knocks the fleas out within 24hrs. At least I don't have to use this stuff very often but its safe.

Ann said...

Living the good life :)

Ginny said...

Funny!! She looks like she's been playing so hard that she just keeled over and fell asleep on the stick.

SquirrelQueen said...

Now that is just too cute, that's one way to protect the stick.