Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Girls Old Home Place

Mommy and Daddy found me at Telisis Rescue on February 22, 2002. The Rescue Center had 25 acres of  beautiful meadows and a 13 horse barn, painted in bright colors. I ran free with 40 dogs and 13 horses, loved and tended to by a lady named Beth. Beth told them I had been badly abused and was reluctant to let me go home with them. I am so glad she did.

When I lived there this gate was shiny black and opened all by itself when Mommy beeped her horn.

Now it is bent and rusted and has a padlock on it.

My mommy came home with photos that she showed my daddy and it made them sad. I heard her say "how could that beautiful place be allowed to return to this mess?"

This is the home Beth lived in and let me lay on her sofa or in front of her fireplace. Beth loved all animals and treated us with love.
Now it is shut down and grown up and barely recognizable.
I wonder what happened to all the animals that were once safe here.
PS. the first two comments wanted to know the story. I don't know the story but am trying to find out why.


Ginny said...

Well? I'm waiting....

Kilauea Poetry said...

(lol) Ginny..Well Sandra, you'll have to tell us the story (I'm almost afraid to know) Probably funds dried up, a death? What a beautiful place- so sad! I'm glad you rescued your baby. I have a cat that only comes out at night (mostly because of some changes here and a few new animals around)..but we call her baby girly. Someone just plunked her in our yard back in early 2001 or 2002? Anyway..don't forget-

Kilauea Poetry said...

Well I figured as much- I remember when I used to walk down toward the beach..there was a house with a beautiful yard full of trees! It was such an enchanting and most captivating scene! These people had all kinds of animals..I remember a little pony playing with one of their pot belly pigs- so cute!! Then one day, the yard became over-grown and all the happy animals were sold off. Sigh, I heard they too divorced!

SquirrelQueen said...

Perhaps they moved to a different location or just moved on. Hopefully this is a case of looks can be deceiving. Maybe what you find won't be all bad.